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AWAI Sample Posted on Under-Construction Site

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1AWAI Sample Posted on Under-Construction Site Empty AWAI Sample Posted on Under-Construction Site on Tue Feb 02, 2016 3:25 pm

I have two pdf samples on my http://purebredcopywriter.com/portfolio/ of my web site.
Still finding reasons not to take the total plunge but I'll keep at it. (Sigh) confused

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Hi Jill,
I think your website looks great so far. Every step is such a big accomplishment! It looks really organized which is half the battle...good luck! Will you do a logo at some point. I've decided to build a website using SBI! and have just begun the process. So far so good. Chose a domain name, KitchenGadgetCrush.com, and started writing the home page content. I'm always trying new gadgets and hope there are opportunities to monetize the site.

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Thanks for the encouragement. I just finished messing with the portfolio NOW and posted a few samples. I'm not sure if they're too "diverse." One's an article, the other's an ad for a show dog I did a few years back, and I'm considering adding a crossword puzzle I created-- although this might be too much. I also shuffled some of the content on some of my other pages.

 I'm looking forward to checking your site out! I do like your domain name.

Sometimes I feel that this is ENDLESS. I have so much to do. I'm working on getting a logo done. I wasted $30 on a kill fee for a design on Freelancer, which was AWFUL. I've engaged my stepson to see what he can create. He is very talented.

Every day there's something else to do and I have a hard time believing I will ever "arrive."

Is part of your site published yet?

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You have a great foundation to build on. This has been a slow process for me and I thought by subscribing to SBI, it might speed things up a bit. Which it has and the site gives great training but as you stated and I'm echoing, I'm technologically challenged!

I did a mockup of what my site could look like but it needs a lot of tweaks. My friend said she would help me with a logo but someone suggested '99Designs' and I believe Nick Usborne also recommended them. I'm taking Nick's Money Making Website but if we want him to review our site, I think it has to be published by March 8....pressure!

Keep plugging away!


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Eve and Eve Heidi-- and whoever else, like me, thinks that everyone else that we talk to is further along in "setting their lemonade stands" up and opening for business than we are.

 It's been slow for me, too, Eve D.

But you are studying harder than I am (but wish I could). I hardly take courses. I do read books about copywriting and advertising and have busied myself with WordPress and a couple other Udemy tutorials and am TRYING to collect or create-- so far have not created--writing samples for my online portfolio. Fortunately, I have done better than I expected with that small element.

A GOOD thing is that Eve Heidi and I have been trying to support each other's success and speak frequently. I know she has boosted my confidence! I hope I have hers. And I learn a lot from her, too.

But I've pretty well cut myself off from buying more online courses. And the resources are everywhere.

Frankly, I am just not ready to totally sally forth and obtain and maintain steady (or any) jobs without feeling like I'm a fraud. I do start feeling a little better and more confident-- but just not enough yet.

But perhaps we are all getting closer to manifesting as WEARECOPYWRITERS than we think. Our forum's name is an AFFIRMATION.

Jenn, I enjoy your posts. Believe it or not your long list of headlines were not only good-- many were entertaining even. I never did that assignment as instructed (maybe that is why sometimes I feel like a would-be/fraud).

How are YOU doing? Your competent, confident attitude, and energy inspire me.

Where have all the members gone? Oscar, John Michael, Ryan, Kevin, Barbara, Xiela? Are you still with us? Maybe some of you are out independently pursuing your career. Maybe someone just decided to ditch this thing. And there are others of you who are somewhere in between.

I invite you to come back and share your wisdom and ask for our support again-- or for the first time. YOU ARE MISSED!

Best to all,

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Eve H. Do you have to have taken Nick's class in order to get your site reviewed? Jill

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7AWAI Sample Posted on Under-Construction Site Empty Hi Jill, Still Here on Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:30 am

Hey Jill,

I am doing fine, we all have a great deal on our plate. Currently, working on The Travel Writers Program and The Accelerated. I had an assignment in the travel program, and started writing my restaurant letter. To my surprise this was at the end of part 2, of the Accelerated Program. Now, I just have went back a few steps just to make sure I am doing it right. Still working on my stock photography which I love cheers (currently have 29 photos on istock.com) not much but it's a start. I downloaded the trial for Photoshop, and Adobe LightRoom, worked with Photoshop to edit one of my photos for istock.com, to my surprise they did accept it.

This is the second week, starting with Kyle Wagner's Travel Writing Internship. SO far so good, at the point where it's time to write an article. I really love this, because it shows you just what style of writing you can choose to do your articles in, and what you can do with each format to enhance your writing. At the end of the internship, I will have an article or two, to pitch to magazines to have my first published piece in several magazines.

P.S. Maybe someone else would like to take the Commercial Photography course, which is given by Norwich University of the Arts. This course is FREE. You will be working with still photography and the moving image, go to www.futurelearn.com - The course is 4 weeks, and there are many other Free courses you can take. The course just started yesterday ( Feb. 15. 16) study

Thanks Jill,

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Hi Jill and Everyone!

I am still here. I'm still not getting consistent notifications. I just marked this thread for that, so I should be okay for this one. But not getting the emails, honestly and unfortunately, allows me to forget to check in. I very much want to be an active supporter and contributor to this group. I will do my best to do better.

To catch you up with me, I am taking the Ultimate Accelerated Program Companion Series and just bought the Infinity Program. I'm behind on my reading, but keeping up with the webinars. I am going to stick with AWAI as my main, or nearly sole, source of training for now. I have been very impressed with all the folks in and around AWAI, including this group. I know I've made the right decision to pursue copywriting, and that feels so good after years of searching and struggling. I'm impatient for it all to happen and it will take longer that I would like. But to paraphrase a quote from Simon Sinek, going slow in the right direction is better than going fast in the wrong direction.

My plan is to complete the Accelerated program, both written and webinars, first. Then, move to Joshua Boswell's Keeping Clients, and Nick Osbourne's Web Copywriting 2.0. And third is to get my website going. Like Jill, I just don't feel quite ready to put myself out there - no matter how much I want to.

But my goals are to have 3 clients and support 3 specific trips by the end of this calendar year.

I look forward to re-engaing with everyone.

And Jill, I will look at your site next, I just wanted to raise my hand again first.


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Your site looks great!! I love the photos. We can get a great peak at who you are and why you are the perfect pet copywriter. It's a huge accomplishment already. I think I would tell you to take a deep breathe and go ahead and at least release the website. You can always update it along the way. One little nitpicky thing, look at your social media links. One of them is not inline with the rest. Nothing big, just me being anal.

Oh, and thank you for sharing this, you've inspired me tremendously today. Thanks to you, I think I have a solution to how to move forward with my websites (yes, 2 of them). Thank you!


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