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At the Precipice: About to Submit My Direct Sales Letter to AWAI for Their Input

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First of all, THANK you to Xiela, Oscar, and Jennifer for their review of my direct sales letter draft. Each of you had some very useful suggestions, many of which I have applied. 
I'm kind of paralyzed, meaning that I haven't bitten the proverbial bullet and submitted it to AWAI yet for their critique.

My goal is to send it in sometime before midnight. . . but I'm still scared.

Meanwhile, I'm struggling with WordPress. I am trying to understand the tutorials and stuff but have been having a hard time.

I've downloaded Calm on both my Android and my desktop computer.


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2 Go for it, Jill! on Tue Dec 22, 2015 12:56 pm

Bite the bullet and go for it!

I'm sure you incorporated lots of great feedback from our group.

Remember, after you get a review from AWAI, you can always revise your copy. I say: Go ahead! Congratulations on taking this big first step!

Kind regards,

Eve Heidi

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Eve Heidi,

Thank you. I just got some feedback from (other) Eve. Unfortunately, I could not open the document due to its being in some format my computer didn't recognize. I just wrote her asking her to resend it so I could consider her comments before sending it on.

Kind regards,

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Congratulations! Go for it!

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Done. Not sure the formatting held as I wanted it to, but I just sent the thing in. . . If you're curious, it's probably posted.

Now I have to figure out why I'm getting nowhere with WordPress.
Thank you, everyone, for all your suggestions and support.


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