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Sharing My Email Dialog with AWAI's Jim Wright With Group.

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My comments in  RED
On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 1:52 PM, <jill.arnel@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi, Jim! Thank you so much for your (quick) response!
Hi Jill,
Here's what I would recommend ...
Bluehost for hosting. They have a starter package at $3.49 a month, and their "regular" package, which would give you a little more flexibility at $5.95 per month. There will be an upfront expense, as to get those rates, you would have to get either two or three years to get that price, but you're not going to get much cheaper than that.
I’m checking this out. The reviews are mixed, and there is some concern about overly-aggressive sales. However, since you’re way more experienced than I, it’s not completely off the table.
As an alternative, I have a client on Siteground, and we've been happy with them so far.
Now THIS one is tempting for a number of reasons. Its reviews are stellar! One reviewer, https://www.besthostnews.com/siteground-review/, calls it  “A Hidden Gem” in its headline. It offers WordPress and Joombla.  (Joombla tempts me some.) I’ve used Dreamweaver in the (kind of) distant past with some success.
As you correctly surmised, there's really no such thing as "free" so I wouldn't, as you said, be "penny wise and pound foolish." I personally wouldn't go with something like Weebly or Wix ... they may look easy and impressive, but in my experience, it doesn't always work out as easy as it looks. Plus, with some of those, there are a lot of hidden charges, or advertising on your site (they have to make their money somehow!). 
Naturally. Love the illusory freebies all over the place—including AWAI! By teaching me about premiums and free offers, AWAI has caused me become much more cautious about purchasing its programs and many “freebies.” AWAI is very skilled at “carrot-dangling.” I have gotten value out of what I have purchased so far—and have lots to keep me busy.
Also, WordPress is definitely the way to go, but don't get the hosting from WordPress (WordPress.com) ... instead, get the hosting from Bluehost, and install WordPress from there. WordPress is free.
I’m still somewhat intimidated. And then there’s this Joombla thing. . . which I will continue to research. But your recommendation for WordPress carries some weight.
There is also a good theme that I often use, it's free, but if you upgrade to the full featured version, I think it's only around $40 or so ... but again, worth the investment. 
Does it have a name?
WordPress, once you learn a bit about it is fairly intuitive, and because it's so common, there is lots of help, and many tutorials on the web.
That’s definitely worth something—as long as the tutorials are not overly technical themselves.
Are your domains registered with GoDaddy or with someone else?
Yes. GoDaddy. But now I’m wondering about all the hosting companies that offer free domains. Are there hidden expenses therein?
As far as ball park, that depends on quite a few things: your timeline, size (number of pages) of your site, how much work/time would be involved, your budget, training required (if any), what you've got in place already ... if you can give me an idea of that, I can let you know!
We’re talking UBER-Basic. The bare minimum to promote a basic  copywriting business. That would be (according to The Accelerated Program) four pages: Home, About, Services, and Contact.
BTW, may I share this information—including a plug for your servicesJ-- with a small—there are ten of us—off-list email support group for “neophyte” copywriters?
With gratitude,
Hi Jill,
Sorry for the slow reply!
So ... with Bluehost, they're okay ... it is after all shared hosting, so it's not going to be the best option, but as far as shared hosting companies go, it's pretty solid. 
It is true, however, that you will be bombarded with sales and upsells, but most of that happens right after the purchase, and during the install and configuration. If you can dodge all the initial offers, it's fine after that ... they don't bug you too much.
Although my experiance with Siteground has been really good, it's only been with one client, so I don't have a breadth of experience with them. But, as I said, so far so good.
I've used Joomla before as well ... now I'm using WordPress ... they're both Content Management Systems (CMS), so they make it really easy to maintain ... there is a bit of a learning curve, but I think you'll find WordPress is fairly straightforward.
Yes, sorry, the theme I mentioned is GeneratePress ... the theme itself is free, but comes with an optional plugin which opens up a lot of the configuration options. Although it does work fine by itself, you'd probably find it limiting. The theme is the creation of Thomas Usborne, Nick's son, and he's been great to deal with, and the theme is solid, and more importantly, supported.
GoDaddy is fine ... basically, most hosting companies will include a free domain if you host with them. If you have the domain already, that's fine. GoDaddy is easy to use for domains, so I wouldn't bother moving it if it's with GoDaddy.
I can do UBER basic ... probably in the $350-$400 range ... that would leave some time to help out with any stray setup and configuration issues ...
And yes, please feel free to share with your group.
Cheers and thanks again,

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