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1Introduction Empty Introduction on Mon Dec 21, 2015 5:34 am

Since everyone has introduced him/herself, I might as well give a little background about myself.

I've been a professional writer my whole life.

I've ghostwritten critiques of TV newscasts for seven different consultants, learning to write in seven different "voices."

I've worked in Hollywood for a Producer, reading scripts and books and suggesting what I thought we should develop into movies; also edited scripts for him.

Wrote my own screenplays, one of which was a semi-finalist in an international screenwriting competition.

I've been a technical writer; have written educational software, and multimedia edutainment.

I've also designed and implemented (using HTML and my own graphics program) a 200-page website for the company my husband and I ran (before he passed away in November, 2012). I couldn't bring myself to take it down until two years had passed after his death.

I'm wondering if I should create my own website or use or some company where I wouldn't have to use HTML. But I do like the control I have in creating my own graphics and using my knowledge of HTML. I have to give it some more thought.

I ran my own publishing company. We published children's picture books, and books for adults on how to write children's books. I wrote my own books, as well as editing and publishing others' books. Absolutely loved creating the book covers.

By the way, speaking to the dog-lovers out there, I wrote a book called "DOGS: A Kid's Book of DOG BREEDS." You can have a look at it on Amazon. The illustrator did amazing work for me, placing pictures of award-winning dogs on painted backgrounds.

I've just started the AWAI Accelerated program a week ago. I'm now on Part 2, exercise #5.

That's about all for now.

Kind regards,

Eve Heidi

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