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Checking In. Do We Still Exist?

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1Checking  In. Do We Still Exist? Empty Checking In. Do We Still Exist? on Thu Apr 28, 2016 2:19 pm

It's been more than two months since anyone has posted on this site. (Are you all still in?) I've been in touch with Eve Heidi, who has been sort of my new friend and "study buddy." I'm not sure I'd still be pursuing this if it were not for her support and encouragement. (Eve, you rock! flower ). I only hope that I can begin to repay her in kind. (Eve has had a few successes lately-- not specifically copywriting but all sorts of other stuff! Brava!

I noticed that Jennifer is doing Honeytopia-- I like your FB page, Jen! How's it all going?

Thank you, Sandra, for coming to my rescue off a rather DESPERATE post I wrote on -- was it The Barefoot Writer?

Thank you, Oscar, for accepting my FB request.

Yesterday, I emailed my first proposal package to a prospective client. Not sure how this will pan out. The CEO says she doesn't have the budget, yet we had a three-hour dinner meeting to discuss what I might be able to offer. She also requested that I send her a proposal. So it's kind of ambiguous. Eve Heidi "held my hand" through the last couple of days and offered me good advice.

Pricing has continued to be a bugaboo for me. My proposal was probably a bit on the low side but not so low that I look like a total hack (I hope).

I am researching another prospect whom I met at the NW Pet Fair in Portland, and in the process of research, I found a local dog magazine whose publisher is interested in connecting.

I still suffer from chronic and acute "Impostor Syndrome." This is terrifying.
That's it for now. I'll probably send a group email to see whether you're all still IN confused

I stopped buying AWAI courses-- I only have a few. Each one promises "the Holy Grail." I've learned enough about persuasive copywriting not to fall prey so much.

I think I may have chosen the wrong domain name. What a hassle! I think I blew it by cancelling k9copywriter. I can get it back, but doing all the transferring of information and Web stuff looks daunting today.

I wrote Steve Roller, who generously shared with me a template of sorts for a proposal as well as a client checklist. If anyone's interested, I will share those. The email he wrote was very kind and encouraging.

That's all for now. I'm learning that this is not so easy but I'm hanging in there even though the thought of throwing in the towel has tempted me.

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