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WordPress Mini-Victory

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1 WordPress Mini-Victory on Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:01 pm

Hi, all. Finally making some progress on WordPress thanks to a $10 tutorial I bought: 
I just began it yesterday, and I am FINALLY getting unstuck. 
Currently, I'm just experimenting with it-- its content is mostly FLUFF at this point, but I wanted to share this link with any of you who might be as technically challenged as I am.
This is the first tutorial that wasn't frustratingly GREEK to me.

Hope you're all doing well and feeling like you're progressing.

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2 Re: WordPress Mini-Victory on Tue Jan 12, 2016 6:34 am

Thanks! This is great!


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3 Learning New Tech Skills on Tue Jan 12, 2016 7:08 am

Hey Jill,

How are you? I have not been commenting for a week or so, just was under the weather. During that time I came across a site that I believe would be good for freelancers and beginners in copywriting. This site teaches you tech skills in a short period of time, such as web development, web design, and also wordpress. Learning how to build a site from scratch, and also Ruby and Rails, and a few other things. Jill, this is so cool, I will be starting the course next month.

The cost for the Blueprints are very cheap, $399 or 3 payments of $149. When you put in the discount it is 3 payments of $99. Look around the site this is just what most of us need going into copywriting. Why leave the work up to someone else when you can learn how to do it yourself. Just before signing up you can ask if there is a discount, (yes there is) there are several courses for you to choose from, depends on what level you are at. The name of the website is SkillCrush.com

P.S. Clicking on live chat, will direct you straight to a counselor who can answer any questions you may have. sunny

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4 Re: WordPress Mini-Victory on Tue Jan 12, 2016 12:27 pm

Hi, Mella!

I do hope you're feeling better, Mella. Your confidence and energy is inspiring, so I'm glad you're back.  sunny

I've been buried in all sorts of stuff, especially https://www.udemy.com/wordpress-for-beginners-course/ by Andrew Williams which has been amazing, even though I am only 60% finished with this tutorial, which is quite long. Worth every penny of the $10 I spent on it.

Besides my really all-over-the-map content, which is largely "experimental" in terms of my learning WordPress, www.purebredcopywriter.com is beginning to look like a BONA FIDE web site! It's like magic for a tech-idiot like me!

I also, for $10, got Write and Publish Kindle eBooks by Shanda Trofe, Also a www.udemy.com course. I tried
to most the link HERE, but it just leads to my course dashboard.

These courses retail for a bundle more-- like $199, they say, for the former and I think $249 or more for
 the latter. I bought the second for a number of reasons. (Don't you think those RETAIL courses are kind of/ 
sort of artificially jacked up?) The first reason is that I found a draft for a short eBook
in my doc files, and maybe I can convert it into something "viable." The second reason has to do with formatting, 
which I will need to nail for anything I might ever wish to submit for publication--
 but also for converting samples into neat-looking PDFs for my web site.

I have not more than GLANCED at the "canned" AWAI Boot Camp that I bought shortly after Thanksgiving.
AND my direct sales letter still needs to sit for a while longer while I review  Part 3 of the course one more time.

THEN the content of my web site and the BUGABOO of self-promotion, etc. What with a major dog show in Portland
later this month, I had hoped to have business cards but will have to settle for collecting them-- and practicing an 
"elevator speech" of sorts.

Mella, do you have a link for the course you're taking? I doubt I could sign up now-- for financial reasons-- but also
because of the overabundance of resources I still have in queue to study and exploit!
 (I must look up Ruby and Rails b/c I don't even know what that is!)

I'm loving my hosting company A LOT. Their tech support is AMAZING and they scan weekly for hackers and
send you the report. It's a very good site for WordPress support, as well, if you need it.

On to the next task. Took time for a swim to clear the brain, but there are too few hours left in the day Sad
Thank you-- all-- for your support.

A special THANK YOU to Eve Heidi, who's been incredibly helpful and who has given me some really 
useful leads for my niche. (pets and the pet industry)

Kindest of regards to all,

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5 Re: WordPress Mini-Victory on Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:03 pm

Hi Jill,

The course I plan on taking next month is the Web designer, which teaches you HTML, and CSS, and freelance wordpress developer. Ruby is a back end programming language designed for productivity and fun. Some examples of Ruby are Hulu, and Twitter.

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6 Re: WordPress Mini-Victory on Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:11 pm

Do you have a link?

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7 Re: WordPress Mini-Victory on Tue Jan 12, 2016 1:13 pm

The website is www.skillcrush.com Cool

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